Disney World is the land of magic for my kids. Their ages span 6 months to 10 years old and still it’s just as special a place for them. So far, Disney has been a mystical place of dreams, but a family trip to Disney is finally happening this year. We’ll have 3 kiddos in tow, so I did what any mom would do… I asked all my mom friends for their best tips for a stress-free Disney trip with toddlers and young children!

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Tips for A Stress-Free Disney Trip with Toddlers and Young Children

“Stay in the hotel in front of Disney or one of the Disney hotels. If the kids get tired, you can always walk to the hotel and get back to Disney in no time.” –Abbie Mique at Health and Beauty Quest

“Use a baby carrier (we love Lillebaby) if your little ones are under two! It gives them a better view of the park. It also keeps them close in the big crowds, and you won’t have to worry about parking and maneuvering your stroller. Many rides also allow you to wear your baby on the rides—no back carries for the ride though!” –Ashley Peavey at Mommy on the Mound

“Bring your own glow sticks from the dollar store! They keep kids entertained and will save you money! Great distraction for waiting in lines or waiting for a parade to start.” –Marcie Cheung at Marcie in Mommyland

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“Bring snacks! You can bring outside snacks and drinks—though there are a few limitations, most everything you would need for little ones are allowed.” –Tori Mellott at My Backroad Heart

“Find a good diaper bag/toddler bag and stick with it! Your day bag will be your lifesaver, keep all of your extra clothes, snacks, wipes, etc.” –Heather Bahorich at Bahorich Abode

“If you are going to one of the parties (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party), you can actually enter Magic Kingdom as early as 4:00 pm (even though the party doesn’t start until 7). Then you can book FastPass+ reservations for the 4-7:00 pm timeframe and maximize the whole experience. Also, if you’re there at night, decorating your stroller with Christmas lights or battery powered light strings makes it SO much easier to find yours in the crowd.”  –Jennifer Howard at Mommy SOS

Disney Trip with Toddlers

“Plan around the parades. Whether you want to see them or not. If you want to watch, find a good spot early. If you don’t want to watch know that routes will be blocked during parade times, and you might not be able to get where you want to be (that includes park exits).” –B. at This Little Blog of Mind

“Allow time to stop for meals and snacks often BEFORE your kids (or you!) get hangry and start having meltdowns.” –Elizabeth Voyles at Worth Writing For

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“Bring a bike lock for your stroller! And ziplocks to keep the kids leftovers for a snack when they ask for one an hour later.” –Denise Corvin at Coffee with a Shot of Cynicism

“Use overnight diapers just in case you get stuck in a longer line or can’t get to a restroom right away ???????? Also, bring a smaller bag or backpack to stow your valuables (wallet, keys, phone) while you go on rides so you can leave the bulky diaper bag in the stroller.” –Lauren Hilger at Lauren Hilger & Co

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“Buy souvenirs before you go and give them to your kids as a surprise gift when you get back to your hotel. It’ll not only save you from paying Disney prices but also means you can skip the stores and spend that extra time on rides.” –Anna Anderson at Abrazo and Coze

“Bring a collapsible stroller, like the GB Pockit, and a baby carrier!” –Rachel Barry at Pretty in Baby Food

“There are Baby Care Centers in each of the 4 Disney World Parks that are air conditioned, with areas for babies and small children to relax, feed, change, and nap. You can also buy formula, wipes, baby food, and diapers should you need them!” –Sarah at Dis Happy Home

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“If you’re going during one of the hotter months, bring mister fans with you (or buy them there). They are a lifesaver for when people start getting cranky and overheated!” –Caitlin Patoka at Real Mom Recs

“If you have little kids, plan a character meal in the hottest part of the day. It will give everyone time to recoup from the heat while the kids are entertained during the whole meal!” –Sophie Piper at Real Foodie Family

Disney Ears for Toddlers

“Get accommodation close to the park and plan for breaks throughout the day where you have the freedom to go back to your hotel and nap or just chill out. Also, the MaxPass available on the app completely simplifies your photos and fast passes. Well worth the money.” –Liz Squires at The Loud Introvert

“Let your older children pick out one activity or ride or event they want to do each day, and make that a priority to accomplish. I found this cuts down on the whining and boredom as they wait for their toddler age siblings to get with the program!” –Christian Simmers at Four Girls Eight Names

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