There are a lot of reasons I chose to breastfeed baby number three. I felt like I’d missed out on the experience with my oldest and been robbed of it with my second. More than that, I really wanted the convenience of not having to go and prep a bottle every few hours.

I’ll admit. I’m kind of a lazy mom like that.

Not lazy like I’d neglect or ignore my kids.

But totally lazy in that I will always go for the easiest option.

While the first couple of months were hard, and there was a huge learning curve, once we settled into our routine there were some definite perks. Sure, there are plenty of good reasons to breastfeed your baby, but here are three of my favorite lazy reasons to breastfeed baby. Complete with complementary GIFs, of course.

Dream Feeding

I will be the first to admit that a large part of my decision to breastfeed baby number three was motivated by the prospect of more sleep. Dream feeding is literally my favorite thing ever. I was already co-sleeping with the baby, and the ability to just roll over and feed her while I dozed in and out was life changing.

I’m not going to say I still wasn’t a walking zombie in those early weeks, but I was certainly a higher functioning zombie.


No Bottles to Wash or Milk to Sour

Even if bottle feeding doesn’t come with a learning curve, it does come with dirty bottles. Lots of them. One of my favorite things about exclusively breastfeeding was not having to clean bottles. Though, instead of dirty bottles you’re probably going to get mastitis or thrush or a plugged duct at least a hundred times, but you know. You win some, you lose some.


No More Real Bras Ever!

Breastfeeding meant I literally had an excuse to never touch my “real bra” drawer again. Unless my kids’ school tricked me into heading to a PTA meeting in the 15 minutes before a school play, I was living in my nursing sleep bra.

Here is the one from Medela that I absolutely loved! It’s still my bra of choice when hanging out around the house even now that the baby is almost 9 months old.


Now that I’m back to work, I do a combination of things that work best for us depending on how the day is going. Check out my post, How to Beat the Mom Guilt and Feed Your Baby Your Way.

The choice to breastfeed or bottle feed is completely and totally up to you. I’ve breastfed, formula fed, and pumped with my three kids, and I’m totally a #fedisbest advocate. The most important thing is that you do what works best for you and your baby.

Even if that means embracing your lazy side. Rock on, momma.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

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  1. YES YES AND YES! I breastfed both of my kids, but with my oldest, for the first few months of his life, we had to REALLY fight for it… we had to supplement with formula and I had to PUMP practically NONSTOP. I literally spent the first 4 months of his life pumping, cleaning, prepping, nursing, and repeating. Sigh.

    Then my youngest came along… the first time he latched it was like “OH! THIS IS HOW BREASTFEEDING IS SUPPOSED TO GO!” and he was so easy. He quickly self-regulated to feeding every 4-5 hours (I did mostly feeding on demand with him), and I got SO MUCH MORE rest with him. Dream feeding is the BEST and I STILL wear some of my nursing bras because they’re SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE even though he hasn’t nursed in 2 years.

    I think I’m done having kids, but if I have another, I’d TOTALLY go the breastfeeding route. So much easier. Really. Unless you’re my oldest and have sensory issues. But then again, everything with my oldest is an ordeal. 🙂

    1. I felt exactly the same! I struggled with my first two and then just settled into such a good rhythm with my third. Now with my fourth, I’m planning to breastfeed on demand (if all goes well) while on maternity leave and then switch to pumping and bottle feeding once I’m back at work.

    1. I’m so glad that you didn’t push yourself to do something that wasn’t right for you! I start getting touched out about 10-11 months in, and I don’t even really like sitting still with a bottle for 20 minutes at that point, so I totally understand. It’s wonderful that we live in a time when breastfeeding isn’t mandatory, and we can choose how to feed our babies.

  2. I ended up pumping instead of breastfeeding, and I agree that it was a crazy whirlwind of bottles, pumping, having to be home or finding a place to pump.. nursing definitely has it’s benefits.

    1. I totally feel you! I breastfed for the most part and pumped a little while on maternity leave, and then I mostly pumped once back at work because of my schedule. It was totally insane some days.