I love reading creative Elf on the Shelf ideas, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not usually a parent who goes all out with magical scenes every night and handwritten notes. For one, we don’t really tell our kids that their Christmas depends on their behavior, so Elf on the Shelf doesn’t report it to Santa in our house. Second, I’m kind of a lazy mom.

Not in the “too lazy to take care of my kids” way.

More in the “not one more thing I have to keep up with” way.

Elf on the Shelf on Amazon PrimeIf you think you’re a bit like me or if you just need some simple Elf on the Shelf ideas, this Elf on the Shelf schedule is totally the one for you. I’ve even included our North Pole Snow Days where Elf doesn’t move, perfect for the nights when you just forget. Use as needed!

Pin the graphic to reference it again and again, even if that means you’re digging it out of your Christmas Pinterest board next year. I promise, your kids probably won’t remember.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Lazy Parents 2000px

Published by Tiffany Barry

Tiffany Barry is a single mom of 4 who never really planned it out that way. Her writing about motherhood, family finances, parenting, and more has been featured on sites like Scary Mommy, Modern Mom, and Parenting.com.

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  1. This thing has always freaked me out, but I gotta admit… some of these ideas are pretty dang cute… drat

    1. Haha ???? It’s kinda fun once you take the stress of overachieving parents out of it, lol! Ours even got married the year before last.

    1. Don’t be afraid to recycle ideas! Our elf takes cotton ball baths and make snow fortresses out of marshmallows every year, and the kids never get tired of it!

    1. So true! I try to do minimal movement with a few fun things thrown in here and there. It’s easier for me to manage that way, and I think it keeps it fun and magical for the kids because they aren’t bombarded with crazy stunts every single day. They take it for granted less in my opinion.