One of my favorite things about entering to win giveaways for moms specifically is the ability for me to find new and amazing influencers to follow. When prizes are made just for me and other moms, they’re often sponsored by companies I end up loving or mom bloggers I’m excited to find.

Consequently, it’s not a chore to follow them or join their newsletter because I know I’m going to enjoy keeping in touch once the giveaway ends even if I don’t win.

Finding giveaways isn’t difficult, but getting to the good ones can be more of a challenge. It’s true that giveaway and sweepstakes directories exist, but honestly, most of them look like they’re straight out of the Internet Circa 1990 and are just as easy to navigate.

So, I’ve rounded up my own favorites.

Find the Best Giveaways for Moms

Because this blog is just for moms, all of the giveaways are for moms, too! Prizes include strollers, new gadgets, gift cards (hello Target and Starbucks!), and must-have handmade finds. Check the giveaway page often and sign up for my newsletter so you never miss your chance to win again!

Girl Boss Luxury Giveaways

Giveaway sites are great, but the biggest issue is they are often filled with low value or low quality prizes. Girl Boss Giveaways solves that issue by carefully curating only the best luxury giveaways for women.

All of their giveaways have a prize value of at least $500, and the Instagram giveaways they promote are typically $300-1000 in prizes. Head to Girl Boss Giveaways now and see what they have in store—don’t forget to get on the mailing list so you never miss one!

Sweeties Sweeps

Unlike a lot of giveaway websites, Sweeties Sweeps isn’t visually cluttered or daunting, and there is a fairly easy to navigate category menu. While a designated category for moms doesn’t exist, I gravitate to Food and Household and Kids and Toys most often.


Giveaways on social media aren’t anything new, but loop giveaways have quickly become one of my favorite ways to find neat prizes. The benefit of a loop giveaway is that in exchange for following a larger pool of influencers, the prizes are much bigger.

Most loop giveaways are actually 30 second follow giveaways now, too. Meaning you just have to follow all of the accounts the main account follows, and you’re entered to win!

Follow me on Instagram to see when I’m joining the next loop giveaway. Hint: it’s probably soon!

Working Mother

When I first went back to work, my mom gifted me a subscription of Working Mother, and now I follow along with them online. Because they have a print and online presence, they often partner with some of the best companies for some truly amazing giveaways for moms. See their current giveaways.

Why should you enter giveaways?

Giveaways for Moms

Most giveaways are going to require you to give something in exchange for the chance to enter to win. This might be your email address, a follow on social media, or a share. It really all depends on who is running the giveaway.

So, no, you definitely shouldn’t enter every giveaway you come across.

Most giveaway sites prohibit the use of fake contest only accounts, and they’re pretty easy to spot. But using your real information means potentially being bombarded by newsletters and social media posts.

The solution?

Enter the giveaways for moms that you actually want to win from brands that you actually really love or want to fall in love with. This way, the social posts or emails you get in the future are things you’re actually interested in.

Unique Benefits of Entering Giveaways

  • Get introduced to brands who are new and trying to get their names out there.
  • Win some huge finds from your favorite retailers.
  • Snag technology that’s sometimes too expensive (I’m looking at you MacBook).
  • Get amazing discounts after the giveaway is over!

That last benefit is probably my favorite! Nearly every giveaway ends with a consolation prize for those who entered but didn’t take home the gold. I love being able to shop at anywhere between 10-50% off to a store I’m falling in love with.

More Freebies

In addition to just scouting for giveaways for moms like me, I also love to find guaranteed freebies. Companies like Udder Covers, Seven, and even Target will often send free products to new moms and moms to be. Check out this list of free and discounted products from The Penny Hoarder and Brad’s Deals.

For fashionistas, is also an amazing place to find daily deals sometimes up to 80% off! They even have some cute kids’ stuff and home goods too.

Tell me! How do you find your favorite giveaways and deals?

Published by Tiffany Barry

Tiffany Barry is a single mom of 4 who never really planned it out that way. Her writing about motherhood, family finances, parenting, and more has been featured on sites like Scary Mommy, Modern Mom, and

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    1. I totally get that! I come from a marketing background, so I look at it as a game of numbers. As an influencer and business owner, I expect to gain a net following, and that’s who I focus on nurturing. Those entering for other reasons aren’t my target market, so I don’t worry about what they’ll do once the contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway is over.

  1. I have a love, hate relationship with giveaways. They are fun– but as an influencer I struggle with the ‘unfollow’ aspect that comes when the giveaway ends. I think I’m too sensitive! Ha!

    1. Not at all, lol! As an influencer who does a lot of giveaways both for my blog and for my businesses, I plan to lose those subscribers. But the ones I have left are the ones I care about anyway, because they are the ones that found me, liked me, and invested. I just focus on those and keep truckin’ 😉

    1. Totally! There are some like Sweetie’s Sweeps, too, where you can add a giveaway you’re running on your blog or website and get additional traffic and entrants.