I’ve never been one to obsess over all things glittery or hot pink, and I tend to steer clear of anything that’s overly fussy, but I do love a nice blush pink. I’m also obsessed with all things organization. The office supply section is my happy place, and my happiness regularly depends on being organized.

With my love of blush pink, lists, and minimalism in general, this pretty pink to do list is perfect for jotting down my weekly tasks and errands, and it can even be used as a kids chore list.

Download yours as a chore list or a to do list– both options are free! I recommend framing it and using a dry erase marker on glass so you can use it over and over again.

Pretty Pink To Do / Chore List Printable from MomGoesMental.com

Download as a Chore List  |  Download as a To Do List


Published by Tiffany Barry

Tiffany Barry is a single mom of 4 who never really planned it out that way. Her writing about motherhood, family finances, parenting, and more has been featured on sites like Scary Mommy, Modern Mom, and Parenting.com.

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  1. I love these printables and wish I had color ink. 🙁 I really love the colors. I think I will try and get some color ink just to print these out thank you !!

  2. This is definitely something I will share with my daughters, especially the one that loves pink! 🙂

  3. I’m not sure making it cute will make my family any more productive, but I’ll try anything!

  4. This is great! A chore list for adults (and my kids too). The pink is pretty and the little saying is cute! Very motivated by pretty things and lists 🙂