5 Essentials Your Family Needs and How to Get Them on a Budget

Creating a budget and sticking to it is not an easy task. Nonetheless it is one that many people must do. It is a lot harder than it seems to get even the essentials when you have a tight budget, and many struggle.

Sometimes you will find yourself trying to stretch your budget further than it is willing to go to get some of the most basic items. However, it is essential to provide the things that your family needs and get them on a budget.


Clothing is something everyone needs, and when you have children who are constantly growing, outgrowing clothes constantly is an issue. Depending on how many children you have it could be one that is impacting your entire family.

Of course, you can’t have yourself or your children walking around with clothes that are too small or that are torn and as such you need to find ways to stretch your budget that little bit further to buy new ones.

You can do this is to visit charity shops. It is far easier to stretch your budget a little further than a lot, and charity shops are a great place to start. While many people don’t like prefer to buy their clothes here, there is nothing wrong with the items being sold.

Give them a wash and they are going to be good as new. You will not find the prices offered by charity shops in most other clothing stores, and you will find it a lot easier to fit this into your budget.

The second thing that you can do is ensure that you use hand me downs. If your older children have outgrown some of their clothes, keep them and give them to the younger children. That way, they have come from a member of the family, meaning that the child is less likely to be fussy about it and you do not have to provide new clothes for two of your kids. The time will come when this is no longer an option for you, but take full advantage of it while you can.


Grocery shopping every week and making sure that there are healthy meals for you and your family is no easy task. Some people forget how difficult shopping on a budget can be, especially if it is a tight one with a lot to buy. When you go for your grocery shopping, try and pick up as many fresh vegetables as possible.

While they do go off quicker than canned or frozen produce, they are also more nutritious and budget-friendly. Many stores have offers and deals on fresh fruit and vegetables, so ensure that you are making the best of them while they are there.

Try your best to stock up in items such as beans and other canned or frozen foods when you have the extra money. It is going to be beneficial to you to try and make a small stock in your cupboards for the when stretching your budget seems impossible.

Building a supply of food in your home makes it easier during other weeks by cutting down on your food budget and putting the extra money to good use such as new clothes for your children.


It might be the case that you and your family need a new home. This is going to be a lot to save for and could take you a long time. To make it a little easier on yourself, look at things such as second-hand properties for sale.

By doing this, you will be severely decreasing the price while still providing your family with somewhere to live. Some people feel as though this isn’t the option for them because someone has previously owned the house, but as long as you have an inspection completed to check that there are no serious issues, this isn’t a big problem.

It doesn’t matter who has lived there before, what matters is that your family will have somewhere safe to live.

In many cases, renting is essentially dead money and purchasing is a better financial option. If you own your home, even if you have a mortgage, you are still paying towards something that will be yours in the end.


Heating your home can be expensive, and many people choose not to use items such as radiators that are in the home for this very reason. If you can avoid putting these on and giving yourself the extra financial stress you should, and remember that there are always other ways to keep warm.

Extra layers of clothing is a good place to start with this. You can do this by putting sweaters on or even things such as gloves and an extra pair of socks.

Add extra blankets to your family’s bedding and drop the temperature slightly at night. On top of this, you can use candles to generate heat, too.

While certainly a non-traditional form of heat generation, lighting candles all around your home is a simple way to keep smaller spaces slightly warmer.


Electricity is obviously important in every home. Conserve it by turning off unused appliances, not having anything on for longer than necessary, and turning lights off when you leave a room.

These are great ways to keep your electric bill as low as possible. You can also speak to your electric provider and see if you can negotiate a lower fixed rate for your bill each month.

If not and you find yourself falling behind on your payments, speak to your provider and see if you can work out a payment plan with them. Most providers are understanding and will work with you.

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