5 Irresistible Reasons You’ll Love Snail Mail for Kids

Snail Mail for Kids

Kids love mail. Plain and simple, the most exciting thing that could possibly happen to my child is seeing a letter with their name on it sitting on top of the mail pile. Not only do they get to feel like one of the grown ups, but it allows them to indulge in their curiosity for the world. Snail Mail for Kids is an absolutely irresistible monthly subscription for kids.

Weekly Letters

Better than any monthly subscription, Snail Mail for Kids delivers a new letter to your house every single week. That’s just amazing! My kids can go through a subscription box activity in just a few hours or less, so knowing I’d have something to do each week is just beyond imagining. Every letter is designed to engage children’s curiosity and is ideal for ages 4-8.

Learn and Be Silly

Sunny the Mail Snail is the official mascot of Snail Mail for Kids, giving kids an adorable character to connect with. Sunny travels across the globe, sending mail back to your kids to tell them about his adventures. Without even knowing it, kids are learning about animals and geography. They’re using early learning skills like reading and spacial awareness every single week!

Because Sunny’s letters arrive each week, Snail Mail for Kids is an ideal addition to any homeschool program and wonderfully compliments the public school curriculum. You can even work your adventure reading time into your evening story time routine. We keep a full-size globe in the kids playroom, and they love to point out new places. Currently, Africa and Australia are the favorites. Africa because they’re still wrapping their heads around the fact that one continent could have so many diverse countries with in. Australia because that’s where kangaroos live and mommy famously wants to be a kangaroo in my next life.

Snail Mail for Kids

Ideal for Multiple Kids

Getting a subscription box for your kids can be costly, with many subscription companies charging the full price of each box for every child you need to order for. It makes sense completely, but it can also make subscription boxes for your family out of reach. Snail Mail for Kids can be done individually with one child or with the whole family, making it especially ideal for those families with multiple children.

Collect Trading Cards and Souvenirs

As if getting a weekly note from your favorite snail penpal wasn’t already great, each letter also arrives with stickers, pictures, trading cards, souvenirs, and more! If you’re not committed to the idea of incorporating your special mail delivery into your storytime, this makes a great afternoon activity.

Just sit the kids down at the table to read along with Sunny and work through the extras included with their letter.

Upgrade for Even More Fun

One of my favorite things about Snail Mail for Kids is the add-ons. You can enhance your snail mail subscription with a nifty letterbox, a stuffed animal of Sunny the Mail Snail, and a wall poster! I really love that you can upgrade your subscription to make the entire experience even more special.

Snail Mail for Kids is also incredibly budget friendly, a bonus for every family.

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Snail Mail for Kids

24 thoughts on “5 Irresistible Reasons You’ll Love Snail Mail for Kids

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      So true! I think about my kids getting mail and hope that gives them good memories of life before bills.

  1. Eloise says:

    What a great idea! I know my kids love getting ‘snail mail’ especially my daughter! It makes the day to get something fun in the mail (even as adults, as long as it’s not bills)

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      It totally is! We got the kids’ a Highlights subscription once, and that was their favorite. I was sad it was only monthly, so I’m really loving that Snail Mail for Kids is a weekly letter.

  2. Katrina Ellen says:

    This totally sounds like it would be so much fun. Anything coming through the mail that is not junk or a bill would be so refreshing.

  3. Shar says:

    Ooh I think my kids would love this! Receiving letters would be so much fun for them 🙂 I think they’d watch for the mailman everyday!

  4. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    I used to love receiving letters when I was a kid, so the snail mail concept with kids receiving a gift, card or game in it is such a great idea as they would totally love the anticipation of waiting for it to come

  5. ChelseaMamma says:

    I love getting letters in the post and this is a great idea for kids. I used to have a penpal but that age has gone now but I would love to see it come bacl

  6. Danielle says:

    This looks like so much fun! I bet my son would love to get this in the mail. I love that it is filled with so many fun activities.

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      Exactly! I like that it isn’t instant gratification. Anything that can help teach the value of patience is A+ in my book!

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