4 Thoughts Every Babywearing Momma Has

1. “Aw, look how sweet we are.”

4 Thoughts Every Babywearing Momma Has

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Don’t we just look adorable?! Of course we need to take a selfie because just look at your oh-so-cute smile and our cute wrap fabric and everything else about this moment. #babywearingforlife

2. Kiss… kiss… kiss… kiss…

4 Thoughts Every Babywearing Momma Has

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Babywearing safety 101: wear baby so that she is close enough to kiss. So obviously, she needs a kiss now, and in 30 seconds she’ll need another kiss. Here, let’s take a picture of me kissing you. Omg, I love your smell so much! Where are those cute little feet?

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3. “I can take over the world!”

4 Thoughts Every Babywearing Momma Has

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I am a multi-tasking superhero. Watch me wear this baby, fold the laundry, cook a healthy and delicious meal, fix the leaky sink, read the older kids a story, and do all the errands. Mwuahahaha! What can’t I do right now?

4. Are you sleeping? Are we sleeping, now?

4 Thoughts Every Babywearing Momma Has

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Never wake a sleeping baby. #amiright

Time for another selfie!

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40 thoughts on “4 Thoughts Every Babywearing Momma Has

  1. Anna says:

    This is such a great thing to have. I wish I bought one of this when my baby was small. This is a great tool to have your baby close to you at all time while doing site seeing or shopping.

  2. Lindsay | Splendiferous Mama says:

    I love babywearing! It was a lifesaver when I flew with my little one and made the trip so much easier. My son didn’t like it but my daughter loves it and I’m so glad. I love being able to conquer the world while having my love so close.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I looove baby wearing. If I didnt have our ring sling I really don’t know how I would survive. From cleaning the house to wrapping Christmas gifts it has come very handy.

  4. MaryAnn Stovall says:

    My oldest Neice is expecting her first, due in May 2018. I would love to win this for her and her baby. I will be a Great Aunt to whomever this baby will be. Lots of sweet loven’s from me.

  5. Nikki says:

    Iโ€™m so pro Baby wearing.. its a sure way to get me 2 month old to nap in the daytime… and I can do everything without having to leave my baby alone! Makes me feel so much better!

  6. Danika says:

    I absolutely love baby wearing! My 8 month old is all about being held so itโ€™s the only way I can get stuff done sometimes! This post is so true!

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