The Best Manual Breastpump in a Pinch & How It Saved My Life

Best Manual Breastpump

Imagine you wake up in the morning and your breasts are completely engorged. Your baby is surprisingly still asleep, and there is no way you’re messing with that. So, you slip quietly out of the bed. You set up your electric breastpump and turn it on. You wait for sweet relief to come, but instead you’re met with silence.

The puppy has chewed the power cord.

Yes, my friends, this was my reality. Sitting in the glider, all ready to go, milk already letting down, and nothing from my trusty Spectra. I knew from experience that I was not going to be able to hand express milk when I was that engorged.

I thought I was going to die.

Okay, not literally, but every breastfeeding or pumping mom knows how awful I felt. In a state of panic, I ordered a replacement power cord on Amazon, but it wouldn’t arrive for almost a week. Frantic now, I opened the Amazon PrimeNow app on my phone and ordered the only cheap breastpump they had.

The Best Manual BreastpumpAn hour later, the Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump arrived on my doorstep.

Side note if you’re not familiar with it, Amazon PrimeNow is one of the perks of being a Prime member. You can use my referral link to get a membership—it’s totally worth it.

Now, for some reason, my 4 month old had not yet woken up to relieve me, so I sat down at the kitchen table to test it out. I honestly wasn’t expecting much to happen. Some minor relief maybe… So, I didn’t do any of the things I normally do to maximize my breastmilk output.

My first thought was how comfortable it actually was. The flange fits nicely around the breast with raised, air filled pockets. There is also a soft silicone insert that provides even more cushion. When the suction pulls at the breast, this is especially nice.

The suction and speed is adjusted by changing how fast and far you squeeze the lever. My letdown was a bit weird in that I actually didn’t really feel it happen. Though I briefly noticed that I felt less engorged.

I read my book, sipped a glass of water, and kept up a rhythm similar to what I would have with my Spectra. All of a sudden I looked down, and I had pumped 2 ounces in ten minutes. After twenty minutes had passed, I had a whopping 5 ounces pumped! My hand wasn’t even tired either.

I texted my mom, called myself a human cow, and proclaimed this pump the best manual breastpump I’d ever used. Seriously, get yours here now, and learn from my mistake. Be a prepared momma!

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Although I love that I can carry everything discreetly with me in mySarah Wells “Claire” Breast Pump Bag, I’ll be adding the manual Phillips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump to my arsenal of tools. Thinking about car trips and power outages now makes this a must have for me. Because it is the best manual breastpump I’ve ever used, I would definitely recommend every momma keep one on hand just in case.

Because feeling like an accomplished human cow with a manual pump is so much better than feeling like a overfilled water balloon with a pinprick.

7 thoughts on “The Best Manual Breastpump in a Pinch & How It Saved My Life

  1. Amanda says:

    It’s so crazy how it got there so fast! Was it by drone? Or do they have drivers they outsource to? I don’t think we have access to amazon drones in my city…

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      We have a warehouse facility close, and they have drivers that deliver. 🙂 It’s wonderful!

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      I have no idea how I lived through my first two kids without grocery delivery and Amazon Prime, lol.

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