Bookroo Subscription Box Review, May 2018

Bookroo Subscription Box Review - Subscription Box for Kids

When I was little, I used to dream about being Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I planned to live in her practical blue dress and her practical white apron, and I’d spend all my time in her library. Okay, let’s be real. I still dream about growing up to be Belle, and I work tirelessly to instill that love of books in my children. So, when I connected with Bookroo, a book subscription for kids, I was beyond excited.

Bookroo sent me the May box for review, and if you’ve seen my Instagram feed lately, you’ll know that I’ve been counting down to write this review.

Bookroo Subscription Box Review - Subscription Box for Kids

Every Bookroo subscription box is curated for the child’s age rather than a specific theme, and I quite like that. Bookroo offers the ability to choose between two different subscriptions: the board/picture book subscription and the chapter book subscription. I was sent the box for younger children, and mine included 3 board books. Bookroo recommends this for children 0-3.

Bookroo Subscription Box Review - Subscription Box for Kids

One of my favorite things about the Bookroo subscription box is that each book is wrapped in gorgeous patterned wrapping paper. I loved being able to unwrap the books with my kids. They didn’t really understand why the box itself should be exciting, but as soon as I opened it, they knew that presents were waiting!

Bookroo Subscription Box Review - Subscription Box for Kids

Included in the May board box were three board books ideal for kids under 3. I love that these are original stories, and they were nice and sturdy. My only criticism here is that the Touch and Feel book is not as interactive as most I’m used to. It does have flip down areas and some textures, just not as many as I would hope.

If you didn’t get this month’s Bookroo subscription box but want to grab one of these books, you can also find them on Amazon.

Bookroo Subscription Box Review - Subscription Box for Kids

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really loved this month’s Bookroo subscription box. It’s a great little box of educational surprises for my kids, and I love that it helps build our library and pass on my love of reading to them. Bookroo also includes a link to visit them online to see different activities that go along with each book, which was a really lovely bonus… especially with school out for the summer!

This is really going to get my older kids involved in reading with the baby.

The Breakdown

Your Cost: $19.95 + shipping

Total Value: $22.97

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