DIY Felt Star Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Felt Star Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

I don’t know about you, but my kids have to be kept busy on their winter break. When you’re a work-at-home mom of 4 like me, bored children means no work gets done, clients get angry, and there is no sleep to be had because you’re constantly in catch-up mode. This DIY felt star ornament is the perfect holiday Christmas craft for kids, and it definitely keeps them busy.

I especially like it for my older two (ages 7 and 12) since they are constantly asking me to let them practice sewing and embroidery.

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You’ll Need

  • Felt fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Seed beads
  • Satin ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

How to Make a Felt Star Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

First, decide the size of the ornament and draw a 5 point star of the determined size.

You can also search for download 5 point star patterns from the internet.

Print and cut out the star pattern. Trace the it on the selected felt fabric and cut out the traced felt. You’ll need 2 star cutouts for each ornament.

Grab a fabric pen and draw a pattern (to stitch) on a star felt cutout. I traced a simple snowflake pattern.

If you don’t have a fabric pen, using a regular pencil lightly will also work.

Prepare a needle with the thread of your choice and start to stitch along the traced pattern on the star felt cutout.

I’m doing a simple back stitch to trace the pattern.

start embroidering the DIY christmas star

Continue to stitch until the pattern is complete.

Once the stitching is finished, draw the needle to the back side, tie your thread into a knot. Cut off any extra thread.

embroider the star christmas ornament craft for kids

Next, prepare the needle with thread that matches the color of your seed beads, and start to attach the beads to the stitched star pattern.

I’m using white seed beads, but you can use any colored seed beads as you like.

attach seed beads to your felt star christmas ornament craft for kids

Done adding the beads?

Great! Place both star cutouts together, making sure that their sides match nicely. Prepare a needle and thread, and stitch both star patterns around the open side.

This is going to close the two sides together and allow us to stuff it.

Now, cut out a small piece of satin ribbon and fold it into half.

Place the open ends of the folded satin ribbon between any 2 points of the 2 star. Stitch along to join the ribbon with the felt. 

stitch and stuff the christmas ornament craft for kids

Make sure to keep a small opening to stuff the felt star. Use scrap felts for stuffing.

make a felt christmas tree ornament

Simply insert the scrap felt pieces into the felt star through the opening and keep stuffing until the pattern seems a bit fluffy.

christmas ornament craft for kids

Stitch to close the open end and secure the stuffing. Tie a knot and draw the needle randomly through the star pattern until you’re confident that it is secure.

Draw the needle throw one final time and knot it.

christmas ornament craft for kids

Repeat these steps with other colored felt to make more felt stars. Use a contrasting thread color to really make your star’s snowflake patterns pop.

These will be absolutely adorable on our Christmas tree, and they’ll be a wonderful memory when we pull them out of the ornament box year after year.

christmas ornament craft for kids

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