DIY Mother’s Day Gift Tag Craft for Kids

DIY Mother's Day Gift Tag Craft for Kids - Brave Little Mom - Blog for Moms

You’ve finally found the perfect gift after searching for hours on Pinterest for, “Mother’s Day gift ideas.” Now all that’s left to do is give it to that special mom—or to yourself because we’re moms, and we don’t judge.

But what about the wrapping?

I don’t know about you, but my kids will no longer settle for a cute gift that isn’t wrapped just as sweetly.

Enter my new favorite craft for kids: gift tags!

They are super easy to make and customize for any occasion, and I especially love them for the sweetest holidays like Mother’s Day. My kids are not the best gift wrappers on the planet—I can tell you’re super surprised by that.

More than that, they can be pretty critical of their wrapping skills.

With these DIY Mother’s Day gift tags, though, they can completely let loose knowing I’ll take care of wrapping the package, and they can go crazy with the tags.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Tag Craft for Kids - Brave Little Mom - Blog for Moms

What You’ll Need

For the decorating supplies, I raided our craft cubby to find buttons, pompoms, lace, etc., and I ordered anything I didn’t have from Amazon (because of course, I did).

Make Your Mother’s Day Gift Tags

  1. Prepare your gift tags with ribbon or twine first. Trust me on this one—it’ll be too hard for your little one to resist gluing something over the hole.
  2. Line up all of your supplies in piles or use small bowls to keep smaller items like buttons contained.
  3. Guide younger children with the glue or anything that needs scissors.
  4. Decorate away!

A few DIY tips:

  • Guide and show as needed, but let your child have as much freedom as possible.
  • The best way to teach is to demonstrate with your own gift tag and allow your child to follow along on theirs.
  • Use silicone mats, newspaper, or good ol’ butcher paper over your workspace to prevent permanent messes.
  • Before bath time is the perfect time for younger (aka messier) kids to do some of these types of craft projects.
  • Accept the mess. Just chant to yourself, “We’re making memories.” I’ve heard it helps.

These DIY Mother’s Day gift tags are seriously crazy easy to make! Plus, kids can get as creative or decorative as they want.

No matter how they decorate them, you know they’ll turn out adorable.

Using letter stamps is especially great because you’ll incorporate a learning lesson into a fun activity, and the kids won’t even notice. Score one for the moms!

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