Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review, June 2018

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

Ecocentric Mom is a monthly subscription box for moms that is tailored to your stage of motherhood. Each box is curated to focus on mindfulness for modern moms and includes only products that are organic and natural. Ecocentric Mom sends 5-6 deluxe size products every month—2-3 beauty and wellness products for mom and 2-3 for either mom’s bump or baby.

Ecocentric Subscription Box Review

My first look inside the June Ecocentric Mom box, and I was in love. The little details really pull me in, and I love getting touches that make the subscription feel more personalized to me. In this case, that detail was an adorable envelope with my youngest child’s age on the sticker.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

Each card listed more information about what was inside the box. I love when boxes list the retail values of the items, and I really love how Ecocentric Mom also provided an easy link to shop more from that brand.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

The first items I saw after removing the cards were the Water Wipes and You’re Mocha Me Cocoa protein powder. Ecocentric Mom does not do monthly themes, so the protein powder did feel a little out of place, and I don’t really have a use for it. It does look divine, though, so I’ll be adding this to my giveaway stash.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Just in time for summer, I pulled all-natural bug repellents from this month’s box. This is amazing! Our home sits near a creek in a heavily wooded area, so we get a lot of ticks and mosquitoes. I’m not completely comfortable putting everyday bug spray on the baby’s skin, so this will definitely come in handy now that summer is nearly here.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

These could not have come at a better time! Jojo is loving her solid food now, and we seem to never have enough spoons around. Is it just me who has about a gazillion knives but only ever one spoon left?

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

Beautifully packaged (I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging), this Virgin Marula Oil from AYR Skin Care is to die for. A whopping $40, it’s something I’ve been dying to try but would never typically be able to splurge on—just one more reason that I am loving this Ecocentric Mom box!

Marula Oil is harvested from the African Marula tree and is high in antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and amino acids that all promote healthy collagen and help prevent aging. I’ll definitely be adding this to my nighttime skincare regimen and most likely to my foundation application, as well.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

The May Ecocentric Mom subscription box also included Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and a lovely Shea Butter Baby Cream from beurre. I really love the baby cream and will definitely be using that!

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Overall Thoughts

This month’s Ecocentric Mom box was a definite win for me! Every item was something that I could use, which I love, and the box felt completely tailored to my needs as a mom and the developmental stage my baby is in.

The Breakdown

Your Cost: $32.99 w/ free shipping!

Total Value: $87.30

*I was missing some cards with values listed for items like the wet wipes and the bug spray, so the value listed above is based on what I was able to find in addition to the information provided. 

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Edited on June 11, 2018- a previous version of this post cited an FDA warning from 2010 about potential safety issues in Hyland’s teething tablets. The owner of Ecocentric Mom reached out to me to personally reassure me of their rigorous product safety testing and assured me that the oral pain relief tablets included in this box “are a BRAND NEW product from Hyland’s that do not contain any of the ingredients (belladonna specifically) that were previously flagged in a prior formulation.” I am very pleased to know how seriously Ecocentric Mom takes safety and that Hyland’s has taken steps to create an effective, safe product for babies.

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