Gadgets Santa is Buying Mommy for Christmas This Year

Gadgets for Mom

Santa is a pretty wise dude if I do say so myself. Since I was little, he’s always known just the type of gift that I love. While many men have come in and out of my life bringing jewelry or flowers, the big guy himself knows just the kind of gifts that really get me going.

One year, he totally nailed it by getting me new socks and underwear—I mean, how did he know all I had left were the raggedy pairs underwear relegated to period days?

Yup, Santa nails it for me almost every year, so when I sat with my kids at the dining room table this season to write out our Christmas lists I knew just what to put on mine. The big ones include a new oven and a sink, maybe even a couple toilets, and these gadgets for moms like me.

The Instant Pot—duh

Okay, so this one is something I actually already have, but because it is such a lifesaver, I’ve included it in this post because you’re definitely going to want to put this on your list. Many cook regular meals in their Instant Pots, but I use mine as more of a lifejacket. When I’ve forgotten to defrost the chicken or really want a hearty stew without waiting 6-8 hours for the crock pot, my Instant Pot comes to the rescue. It is truly my weeknight hero!

There are a few different models to choose from depending on your family size, but I like my 6 qt.

Vacuums for Days

Since partially renovating our house a year ago, I’ve found that my floor cleaning routine has changed significantly. My husband is the stay-at-home parent, so he largely takes on this responsibility without my help, but we rarely agree on standards for cleaning frequency.

He’s all for a mass cleaning day once or twice a week, while I’d prefer to clean as I go even if that means cleaning an area several times a day.

Hence why the cordless vacuum is now on my Christmas list, as well as the coveted Roomba. I’m quite sure that Santa is going to reward my ability to abstain from strangling my husband this year with gadgets to clean the floors for us.

All the Wine Things

I shamelessly raise my hands to mom wine culture and thank the gods of the grape for finally allowing women to admit that a nice glass of something at the end of a long day is totally okay. Now, I live with an addict in recovery, so I’m all for moderation and making sure you’re drinking for the right reasons and in a safe way, but I’m also all for a little bit of tongue in cheek humor in life.

Santa, Make Cleaning Easier!

Right now, I’m dreaming of the days of just two kids and a maid twice a month, but alas, baby #3 came along, and now we’re making room for baby #4. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I do miss having the financial wiggle room to have a maid do all the deep cleaning twice a month.

Until we can bring them back, I’ll at least settle for some amazing products to make keeping a clean home just a little bit easier (and more fun).

Alright, Santa, I’ve been a good momma all year long. Let’s make some magic happen one more year! What do ya say?

5 thoughts on “Gadgets Santa is Buying Mommy for Christmas This Year

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      Lol! I know there are a lot of people who cook almost everything in them, but there are a lot of recipes that I’m just not a fan of cooked in the Instant Pot. I look at it more of a tool in my arsenal of fast weeknight dinner stuff. I find it most useful for doing quick stews I’d normally cook for hours in the crock pot or cooking frozen chicken when I’ve forgotten to defrost it for dinner.

  1. Stefanie says:

    I’ve heard great reviews about the Instant Pot! I need one in my life. My sister has an iRobot. I fell in love with it. You’re going to love it!

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      I’m really hoping so! I’d love to have it run automatically after the baby’s meals to save me some time.

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