Gifts for Rebel Girls

Gifts for Rebel Girls

I’m a mom of three girls from infant to tween. I want my girls to define their own style without a strong gender bias. I want them to be strong, confident, and unique. Whether that means they’re rocking pink tutus or neon green rain boots… or neither or both together. #truestory These gifts for rebel girls showcase my favorite buys for the tiniest rebel girl in our house.

Wild and Free

Wild and Free Nursery Decor - Gifts for Rebel GirlsWild and free. Gone are the days when we rebel moms want our girls to sit quietly, smile no matter what, and always temper their emotions. This wall art reminds them how to live each and every day fully.

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Moxy Kinda Girl

SweetnSwag Moxy Shoes- Wild and Free Nursery Decor - Gifts for Rebel GirlsIf you follow me on Instagram, you have definitely seen these beauties from SweetnSwag. Though unabashedly adorable, these moxy shoes put comfort over style—featuring soft soles and elastic straps—because no modern rebel girl should grow up thinking beauty is pain.

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Dream Big

SweetnSwag Moxy Shoes- Wild and Free Nursery Decor - Gifts for Rebel GirlsDream your dreams little one and never stop reaching for the stars. Nursery decor doesn’t always have to be in your face rebellious to teach little girls a positive lesson. This star and moon wall art is a perfect, understated way to do just that.

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Brand New Here

New Soul Baby Blanket - Gifts for Rebel GirlsEvery baby is like a blank slate tiny human, beautiful and perfect and utterly innocent. While society has not always been kind to little girls, it’s a new day for a new rebel soul.

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All the Rebel Girls

Rebel Girls Book - Gifts for Rebel GirlsWe’ve had Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls since it was just a Kickstarter hoping to get funded. Consider what life is like with one of these gifts for rebel girls. You may find your girls glued to every page and, like ours, choosing their Halloween costumes from the boss women they read about.

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You can also get their Little Feminist board book set! It’s a perfect gift when they’re not quite ready for the big book of rebel girls.

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