How to Be Your Best Self This Year with Boxy Momma

How to Be Your Best Self with The Boxy Momma

The New Year is one of my favorite times to evaluate how I’m doing and how I want to grow next year. It’s a time to look at how I’m feeling, what went wrong, and what went really right. I’m a huge fan of candid self-analysis, as much as I am of self-care and mental health awareness. That’s probably why it was absolutely no surprise when The Boxy Momma Company‘s mission resonated with my own mission for this next year: how to be your best self.

How to Be Your Best Self: Give More to Yourself

I talk a lot about self-care and mental health here on Mom Goes Mental, and it’s not without good reason. According to a 2015 Pew Research Study, only 59% of parents say they spend the right amount of time with their kids, and yet according to an article on Parents featuring that study…

“More than half of all parents say they don’t have enough time away from the kids to spend with friends or on hobbies.”

If you want to be your best self this year, you need to be giving more to yourself. It might be more time away from the kids, or it might mean taking a guilt-free night off the never-ending housework. I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes, especially those boxes for moms, so it might even be gifting yourself a monthly subscription to The Boxy Momma.

For me, a monthly subscription box is a great reminder that it’s time for me to stop and give to myself. Because I know I’ll be a better mom tomorrow for having done so today.

How to Be Your Best Self with The Boxy Momma Box

How to Be Your Best Self: Give Back

Trust me when I say that I am not the mom the PTA calls when they need something. I’m lucky if I have the budget, the time, or the memory to really be a dependable contributor. But I know and accept this about myself. Instead of trying to be the square peg fitting into a round hole, I give back in other ways.

I vote for anything that will improve our public school system, I pay the yearly optional craft fees when the teachers ask, I send in extra school supplies at the beginning of the year, and I always overpay for field trips so that every child in the class gets to go no matter their finances at home.

I also support businesses that give back to their community, and I love that The Boxy Momma is one of those businesses. Not only do they feature (and thereby support) products made by moms and other small businesses, but according to founder, Sarah Cunningham, “We donate $1 from every box purchase to postpartum support charities, mental health organizations, and women’s support.”

Omg, take my money, now!

The Boxy Momma Past Boxes Collage

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How to Be Your Best Self: Stop Stressing About It

If you didn’t notice from the main photo, The Boxy Momma founder, Sarah Cunningham, has an amazing sense of humor. On her website she says that one thing she has “learned through these almost six years of being a mom…. IT IS HARD!!!” And she’s so right! Moms often take on the bulk of the parenting responsibility and the guilt of whether we’re doing it right, often not taking enough time for ourselves.

To practice how to be your best self this year, I challenge you to stop stressing about it. Stop stressing about whether you’re doing it right—you are doing your best; “right” is a myth. Stop stressing about spending enough time with your kids—be present when you’re together and then give yourself permission to be away from them and focus on you.

And stop stressing about spending time or money on yourself! One of my favorite options from The Boxy Momma is their mailer versus box option. They get it. Budgeting sucks, so they have a plan that allows you to subscribe no matter what your self-investment budget is.

Learn more about The Boxy Momma Mailer or see The Boxy Momma Box.

How to Be Your Best Self: Take Time for Yourself

More than giving yourself more things—like the Friday coffee you splurge on at Starbucks or the chocolate you grab in the checkout line—you can be your best self this year by giving yourself more time. Eek out thirty more seconds in the bathroom alone if you can, hide in the pantry and eat a cookie by yourself, or recruit friends or family to give yourself a kid-free slumber party.

Go crazy and watch a steamy sex scene from your favorite medieval show all alone in your living room! Do it without a bra or pants on.

The important thing is to do what you can to give yourself more time. It’s something we often forget to do as moms. In fact, it’s something I mentioned early as being one of my favorite reasons to love The Boxy Momma subscription box. Getting a box every month is like a reminder to do just that. It shouts at you, “Hey, I’m here! Let’s go chill together and not watch Baby Shark!”

The Boxy Momma is all about helping you to be your best self. Every box is curated by a mom who gets it and wants you to feel loved and rewarded for doing what is probably the hardest job there is. Happy New Year, momma. You deserve it!

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21 thoughts on “How to Be Your Best Self This Year with Boxy Momma

  1. scrapbookadventures365 says:

    What a great subscription box this sounds.So important to look after ourselves before we can care for others. Great post.

  2. Chastity says:

    It’s so important that we take care of ourselves and treat ourselves as well. If we did this a little bit daily so many of us would have less stress in our lives

  3. Shar says:

    Oh my goodness this box is so cute and fun! I’ve always loved the idea of a subscription box but never actually tried one out… Maybe this will be my first 🙂

  4. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    Such a great post and very informative as well especially to all those mother out there. Mother should keep this in mind and make themselves to be what they need to be. Leave the stress to stress, make life easier.

  5. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    Sometimes we forget that we exists and we need some time for ourselves so this subscription box from boxy momma is just perfect

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      Aw, thank you! That’s actually Sarah, the founder of Boxy Momma. She’s got a hilarious sense of humor!

  6. April Kitchens says:

    Box subscriptions are so trendy and fun to receive in the mail! I’m subscribing to one for myself and one for my kiddo!

  7. Create. Play. Travel. says:

    These boxes are pretty fun. You never know what you are going to get! You look like you have your arms full too!

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      Exactly! In that photo is actually Sarah, the founder of The Boxy Momma, and she really is amazing. I love her sense of humor and what she’s doing for moms.

  8. Stacie says:

    This sounds like a wonderful subscription box. It’s important for us moms to do little things for ourselves. We do so much for everyone else, and we often forget that we have to take care of ourselves, as well.

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