How to Choose a Diaper Bag: 5 Essentials Features Your Diaper Bag Needs

How to Choose a Diaper Bag: 5 Essential Features of the Best Diaper Bag - Duet Diaper Bag

Whether you’re a mom of one or a mom of multiples, your diaper bag is your lifeline for the first 1-2 years. But how to choose a diaper bag? It needs to be made well and fully equipped without being bulky or, frankly, ugly.

I’m a mom of 4, and I like having a bag that’s super functional. Today I’m breaking down the 5 essential features your diaper bag needs to have!

This post is sponsored by nanobébé, innovators of the coolest breast shaped bottle and creators of the new Duet Diaper Bag that includes all of my essential features.

Doesn’t Look Like a Diaper Bag

It seems contradictory, but when I’m wondering how to choose a diaper bag, I’m always looking for ones that don’t really look like diaper bags.

I have nightmares about juggling a gigantic diaper bag and a purse and my car keys, so having a bag that converts to a backpack or just looks like a large purse is ideal.

It’s an even bigger plus if I can use the same bag for multiple kids, nursing on the go, or just a quick outing with the baby.

5 Essential Features of the Best Diaper Bag - Duet Diaper Bag

Insulated Compartment

I’m a breastfeeding mom who also pumps, so I regularly need an insulated compartment available for storing breastmilk.

When I first began to decide how to choose a diaper bag that would fit all of my criteria, I found many do have an insulated compartment.

But I love how the Duet Diaper Bag also has collapsible dividers to keep milk, pump parts, and accessories. It’s a bonus I really love!

5 Essential Features of the Best Diaper Bag - Duet Diaper Bag

Stroller Straps

Stroller straps on a diaper bag are absolutely essential! I buy strollers that are typically really compact, and the storage compartments at the bottom are typically too small for diaper bags.

Even when I can get the bag into the storage compartment, it’s down for the count and pretty inaccessible for the duration of our outing.

Look for a diaper bag with dual-secure stroller straps, like the Duet Diaper Bag, that attach to the stroller directly.

Intentionally Designed Pockets

Pockets for every essential is essential, and the pockets need to be easily accessible and intentionally designed.

I’m a huge fan of pockets. So where I naturally reach for my wallet or keys should be where the pockets are positioned.

When I’ve got a toddler by the hand and a baby on my hip, I just don’t have time to go digging around in the bag for wherever my stuff may have settled.

5 Essential Features of the Best Diaper Bag - Duet Diaper Bag

Changing Pad with Storage

Includes bottle cooler and extra-comfortable changing pad that has 2 large pockets to store wipes & diapers so you don’t need to take up space storing extras.

Changing pads are essential to any diaper bag—because public restrooms are disgusting—but they’re even better when they include storage pockets of their own.

Are you noticing a pattern here about pockets? Clearly I’m a fan.

Changing pads that have additional pockets for storing baby wipes and diapers are so essential. No more digging into the diaper bag again and again trying to grab everything you’ll need… all while wrestling with a half-naked little one.

Need a Diaper Bag with These Essential Features?

The Duet Diaper Bag from nanobébé is here for you!

It includes all of my absolutely essential features, and it’s durable, stylish, and simple. It can also be used with or without the feeding system, though as a breastfeeding/pumping mom, I am partial to bags that comfortably hold everything I need there, too.

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