How to Create the Backyard Oasis Moms Crave

how to create a backyard oasis for moms

Weeks before my c-section last spring, we moved into a home that, while bigger on the inside, didn’t have the oasis of a backyard that I was used to. My kids and and I spend a ton of time playing outside, so I set out as soon as possible to create a backyard oasis of my own.

Area #1: The Adult Stuff

I started with the outdoor structure first since everything else would build on that.

But instead of something attached to my home, I opted for a freestanding structure like this where I wouldn’t need to worry about having something permanent built.

Psstt… this gazebo from The Room Outdoors is currently on sale!

Next, I added patio furniture. For me, I knew I wanted a decent conversation set that was affordable, could stand up to the elements, and would still be fairly comfortable and easy to maintain.

I ended up with this set from Walsunny.

In the future, I might add an outdoor fireplace, but for now I opted for a small stars and moon firepit.

Finally, I made the space homey with outdoor lights, decor, and planters.

Area #2: The Kid Stuff

My goal for my mom themed backyard oasis is to create a space where I can have maximum comfort while I supervise the kids going crazy and have to intervene minimally.

Don’t get my wrong, I’m a super involved mom.

But outside time is my time to sit and chill while they run out their energy.

On the patio, I like to have a variety of toys that require flat surfaces—things like skateboards, water tables, toy cars, and tricycles.

Right now, here’s what we’re playing with.

Area #3: The Yard Stuff

Out in the yard, I also like to have a few large play pieces big enough to provide quality entertainment but small enough to leave plenty of open space to play in.

While the main part of the yard is reserved for running, one corner is dedicated to the climber and playhouse.

The older two kids also got a dune buggy one year for Christmas, so we keep that parked and ready for play.

…when I actually remember to charge the battery!

In the summer months, I also get out some water toys like the kids splash pad, sprinkler, and kiddie pool.

I know it’s probably not a backyard oasis to many, but for a crazy busy work at home mom like me, it seamlessly melds my need for a space for me with enough entertainment to keep my kids happily busy.

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