How to Design a Nursery to Help Baby Sleep Better

Design a Nursery to Help Baby Sleep Better

I’m a huge advocate for decorating on a budget, and I’m always looking for ways to save money on revamping a space in my home. There’s one area where I’m totally fine investing a little bit of money, though: the baby nursery. My husband’s philosophy is that you should design a nursery in a way that makes lots of baby sleep the ultimate goal, and it’s a philosophy I can totally get behind.

With baby #3 now a toddler and baby #4 on the way, a nursery designed with keeping two babies sleeping soundly was absolutely needed. I started with bringing in a second crib and looking for a crib mattress. Fortuitously, I connected with Newton Baby and was able to review one of their revolutionary mattresses.

Bonus: their mattress boasts a 5 star review on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice product! Buy it now!

Newton Baby Crib Mattress - Design a Baby Nursery with Sleep in Mind

Taking it out of the box, I noticed an immediate difference between it and traditional crib mattresses. Most mattresses have a plastic feeling on the outside, but Newton Baby’s crib mattress is breathable, which helps me feel safer putting my tummy sleeping baby to bed on it.

“Independent tests showed that a baby gets 97% more air while breathing through a Newton Crib Mattress than on a traditional crib mattress.” – Newton Baby

It has other benefits like keeping baby cool and having a waterproof washable cover, super bonuses in my search to design a nursery that is focused on encouraging a baby to sleep well and deeply through the night.

To compliment the new mattress, I also looked for crib sheets that would be soft and durable. I ended up finding a lot of 100% cotton options on Amazon, and since I’m unabashedly an Amazon momma, I snatched those up in a heart beat. You can check them out here.

Design a Nursery to Help Baby Sleep Better

Going with our whole mission to encourage better bedtimes, I looked for minimalist decor that was not super stimulating. I found a great deal on a glider, added framed family pictures and handprint art to the walls, and upgraded baby’s sound machine.

Finally, I set our night stand up with the cutest lamp in muted tones of grey, a humidifier with included essential oil diffuser, and a baby monitor so that I can hear and see the kids when I’m working in another room.

You can compare the best baby monitors here!

Mom safety tip: never use essential oils (even in a diffuser) on or around babies younger than 3 months and always dilute to 0.5-1%. When using in a closed room, use a humidifier with an automatic shut off and set to lowest mist level tolerable.

>> More information on safely using essential oils for babies and young children.

Now that the nursery redesign is complete, I’m noticing that baby #3 (who is teething something fierce) is even sleeping better.

Though I cross my fingers daily that baby #4 will sleep just as soundly when he/she arrives in 5 months,

I’m most excited to see the difference our new Newton Baby crib mattress itself makes. Our goal was to design a nursery from crib to wall to help the babies sleep better, and it’s definitely going to be a big help!

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