How to Leave the House Without a Diaper Bag

3 Things Every On-the-Go Parent Needs Now

Have you ever seen the commercial where the first time mom leaves the house looking like a pack mule? Then the second time around she’s a total mom on a mission. As a third time mom, I can attest to the fact that the trend only continues. Minimalism is life when you’re trying to keep three tiny humans alive and thriving.

Nowadays, I’m more interested in throwing a few diapers in my purse than packing up a trendy diaper bag. When I do actually bring a diaper bag, it’s typically a backpack style bag where you could literally pack the baby’s nursery in, and no one would ever know it.

For short day trips, though, most of the time I don’t bring a diaper bag at all.

The Bare Essentials

For the majority of our trips, I throw a few extra diapers, a travel pack of baby wipes, and some diaper rash cream in my purse. I also keep a spare toy and pacifier in there. These are especially handy when you’re inside Target—because honestly, where are you if not Target—and don’t want to make the trek all the way to the car just to grab a pacifier.

Now I do have older kids trucking along with me and the baby, so I also keep lollipops, quarters, and an extra supply of tween friendly feminine hygiene products.

Feeding Tools

Before going back to work, I exclusively breastfed my youngest. After going back to work, I found it hard to keep my supply up. I’ve struggled with supply issues in the past, so I began supplementing with formula in between nursing sessions. Having to pack up an entire feeding supply list of bottles, water, formula, and more just to leave the house was exhausting, so I was super excited to hear about Sippy Nipple.

Each pack comes with 2 nipple sizes that fit most water bottles, allowing me to turn the water bottle I was already carrying into a baby bottle. It’s genius! It took my breastfed baby a few feedings to get used to the slimmer nipple, but the convenience was a big incentive to help her get used to it. Plus, it didn’t cause any issues with excess air intake or gassiness. Two thumbs way up in my book!

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Sippy Nipple Leak-proof Formula Nipple for On-the-go parents Sippy Nipple Leak-proof Formula Nipple for On-the-go parents

The Car Kit

I’m not a huge fan of lugging around a giant bag of baby things. As a mom of three, I often find myself needing extras for the whole family. Instead of packing a bag for entire family every time we leave the house, I created a car kit. I actually started using one when I was nannying as a teen after an unfortunate incident where the toddler threw up in her seat while we were driving.

Nowadays, I keep a fabric box in my trunk (fabric instead plastic to prevent sliding around) with an extra change of clothes for all the kids, a towel, a roll of paper towels, baby wipes, diapers, and a changing pad. I can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy. Like that time Evie had a stomach bug, the time the baby messed her diaper right through her clothes, or the time my oldest had an embarrassing accident.

The car kit fixes all, even for embarrassed tweens.

9 thoughts on “How to Leave the House Without a Diaper Bag

  1. Neha Gupta says:

    Have passed the stage of carrying diapers as we just got toilet trained…Love the idea of the car kit.. Would love to implement it soon as sometimes yes i do forget the feeding tools and end up have a cranky baby

  2. heartloveshome says:

    Having a car kit would definitely come in handy especially on car trips. You never know when you’ll need paper towels or any other supplies. I usually bring the diaper bag wherever we go since it has all three of my girls water cups in there plus usually couple water bottles. If I know I won’t need it when we go inside a store, I’ll leave it in the car.

  3. Julie says:

    I LOVE the car kit! It is such a life saver and I ended up making one not just for my car but also for my husband’s car so we just always know things are there if we need them!

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      I started doing it at 16 when I was nannying for my cousins and the youngest threw up in her carseat. I had nothing but a sweatshirt! Ever since then I’ve kept a little kit in my trunk and just expanded it when I became a mom. It has been a lifesaver!

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