How to Make Reading Fun for Your Child

Make Reading Fun with Tiny Humans Read Book Box for Kids - Subscription Box for Kids

Reading is a huge deal in our house, so raising readers and making reading fun have always been a top priority for us. It’s not always easy, though. Many kids, including our own, express a huge interest in reading long before they actually want to put in the work to learn to read. By getting creative with how to make reading fun, we help encourage this early love of reading. Then later on down the road, they’re armed with the motivation to stick with it when it gets more challenging.

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Create a Special Reading Nook

Even adults can tell you that it’s difficult to concentrate on a task when there are distractions around. Children are absolutely no different and even struggle with this more. They’re still learning how to focus. Creating a special reading room or nook will make reading fun and allow your child to focus on their newest favorite story.

We have a playroom where we don’t allow a television or handheld tablets, and that technology-free zone is our favorite spot to read in. As our older kids desire more privacy from the wandering babies, we’re also creating a little nook in their bedroom with bean bag chairs and a special bookshelf with their big kid books.

You can get even more advice on creating a reading friendly home from Kids Health!

Offer a Variety of Topics

Help your child find books they’ll love by offering a variety of topics in your at-home library. While you could say our overall theme is whimsy, we have a huge variety of books on our shelves. From bedtime stories about snuggly animals to motivational books and even character stories from their favorite shows or Disney movies, we try to have a variety of topics to explore.

While we do visit the book store and the library often, I find that many times my kids are overwhelmed by all the choices. One of my favorite things about book subscription boxes for kids is that a special selection of books is selected for them each month.

Tiny Humans Read has a few different book boxes to choose from based on your child’s ages, too. So you can get a curated collection of special books in a variety of topics, but they are all based on your child’s age and reading level. Our family loves the Sibling Box so that we get both board books and picture books, but you can also subscribe and get just picture books (readers 3-8 years old) or board books (for babies-3 years old).

Tiny Humans Read Book Box for Kids - Subscription Box for Kids

Get Up and Moving

Not all kids are content to snuggle in for story time, and many need to get up and move around. While it’s completely fine to encourage some reading times (like bedtime) be seated, you can make reading fun and super engaging by incorporating active play into your story time.

Try having your child act out the scenes as you read! They can either pretend to be one of the characters themselves or use dolls, figurines, or stuffed animals to create a puppet show like play.

Encourage Creativity

Reading can be more than just reading. Encourage your child to get creative by making up their own alternative endings or dreaming up interesting back stories for their favorite storybook characters. We talked once about how Pete the Cat might help a child who was sitting on the Buddy Bench at school. Another day we drew an alternate ending to a story about a dragon where the dragon who ate the knight got heartburn and coughed him back up to apologize.

Tiny Humans Read has a whole library of free printables for kids that you can use to encourage creativity and make reading fun for your child! Make sure to sign up for the mailing list to get new ones right to your email (about once a week).

Free Printables for Kids from Tiny Humans Read

Make Reading Exciting

Help create a more life-like story and by making reading even more exciting. Let loose with your kids during your next story time! Give different characters interesting sounding voices. Make booming sound effects or whisper softly. You can even use hand motions and gestures to add life to the story.

Make reading fun and encourage your child to get involved in their stories.

Get more tips on motivating reluctant readers from The Schooled Parent!

Make Reading Fun with Tiny Humans Read Book Box for Kids - Subscription Box for Kids

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7 thoughts on “How to Make Reading Fun for Your Child

  1. Sheila f says:

    Love this. Growing up in a large family you could always find one of my siblings curled up in a favorite spot in our home. Reading was encouraged and we all had library cards…still do. But I do love the wonderful option of the subscription boxes. ????

  2. Doreen says:

    Love hearing children have an interest in reading books early on! That is fabulous! Creating a good nook area for them is wonderful.

  3. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I struggle with getting my son interested in reading. I think the idea of creating a reading nook is a good one. I could create a special spot for him. He is very creative too, so I also like the idea of having him come up with back stories and stuff for the characters. How fun!

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