How to Lose the Baby Weight Fast in 4 Steps!

After my first daughter was born, I was able to so easily lose the baby weight fast. It just seemed to just slide right off within a few short months. Then my second daughter came along, and I never quite seemed to shake it all off again. Now with baby #3 here, I dread looking in the mirror every time I take a shower.

It’s not that I think I’m overweight or hate my body. Really.

I love my post-baby body, and I’m all for acceptance and body positivity.

But for me, seeing myself with all this extra post-pregnancy weight is a reminder that I’ll be out of breath when I get to the top of the stairs. Seeing my body like this makes me sad that I’m so out of shape that running around in the yard with the kids is hard. Even mopping the kitchen floor leaves me sore for days.

I know my body is better than this.

It’s done amazing things… like create and feed tiny humans from scratch!

So, this new (again) momma is going to lose the baby weight fast. I’m taking back my body. I’m not trying to just lose weight for the sake of seeing the pounds drop on the scale. Nope. I’m losing weight because I want to feel healthy again, see my muscles getting stronger, and, the frugal woman I am, not have to buy more clothes.

Cut the Empty Calories

If you’re like me, you drink a good bit of your calories. I am the self-proclaimed soda queen, and I’ll admit that it’s terrible for me… as I drink a Coke. Coffees and even smoothies can be equally damaging to your health. Anything that is liquid and loaded with sugar is something to cut back on.

Though, if you really want to lose the baby weight fast, cut the empty calories completely, and find healthier alternatives like:

Follow Michael Pollan’s Rule of 3

Michael Pollan is one of my favorite people. I find him refreshing, down to earth, and just plain soothing to watch. He stars in a documentary available on Netflix called, Cooked, where he explores the nature of food and our relationship with it.

As a mostly vegetarian, I really identify with his perspective. Not only did I learn a lot about food from all over the world and our culinary roots, but I got one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard about eating better.

Eat good (real) food.

Not too much.

Mostly plants.

Losing the baby weight fast in this way is not about limiting your calories or creating a binge and crash cycle (where you’ll gain it all back and more). Instead, it’s about changing what you eat and the way you eat it. You’re changing your relationship with food.

No More Cheat Days. Eat What You Want!

If you want it, make it. This mindset has already made it so much easier to lose the baby weight fast without feeling like I’m missing out on the yummy treats I so love. In the documentary I mentioned above, a featured doctor said that you shouldn’t deprive and then reward yourself. That doesn’t create lasting habits. Bluntly, cheat days (even reward days) don’t work. Instead, he says to give yourself permission to eat anything you want whenever you want to eat it.

Craving a piece of cake? Sure!

Dying for a slice of apple pie? Go for it!

But if you want it, you have to make it. Bake that cake or make that pie from scratch. He says it, and I can agree from experience, it’s an almost guarantee that you’ll crave it then skip making the treat and go for a handful of berries or an easy to throw together smoothie instead. Yet, you won’t feel deprived at all. Trust me on this one. You can lose the baby weight fast and still have your cake and eat it, too.

>> If you’re breastfeeding, my lactation boosting smoothie recipe is a quick and yummy start to your day!

Spread Your Workout Out

There is absolutely no hard and fast rule that says you can only lose the baby weight fast if you cross-fit your way through hour long workout sessions. I mean, if you can do it, kudos to you. You’re a workout boss.

But I’m not that kind of mom.

You can still lose weight quickly by incorporating incremental workouts into your daily routine. The goal is to just get your heart rate up for that length of time. Here’s how I fit a 30 minute workout into my day:

  • Shower Takes 5 Minutes for Water to Warm: Squats and Lunges
  • Rinsing My Body/Hair in Shower: Kegels and Standing Ab Crunches
  • Watching TV: 3, 5 minute Cardio Breaks (Jumping Jacks, Butt Kicks)
  • Housework or Dinner Prep: Dance Party Cardio with the Kids!
  • Bathtime for Kiddos: Arm Circles and Baby Lifts

Weather permitting, I also try to get a short walk in around the time the kids get picked up from the bus stop. Baby and I just leave a bit early and walk the block before waiting for the older kids and strolling home.

By the way, I totally recommend my super compact (and easy to fold) Graco Aire stroller. It’s nice to not feel like I’m pushing around a baby and a small car.

Here’s the jogger version of what I have and love!

No matter how you approach your journey to lose the baby weight fast or if you just decide to take it slow, there’s no shame in your journey. The most important thing to focus on is your health.

You’re on this path to feel healthier, but remind yourself that you’re beautiful, amazing, superhuman, and utterly glorious just as you are, too. 

110 thoughts on “How to Lose the Baby Weight Fast in 4 Steps!

  1. Mary Berry says:

    My daughter-in-law would love this. She had a baby in October, and is getting married in April. It is so cold where we live right now, so when it warms up she could use it to get fit for the wedding. Great contest, thank you

  2. blueeyeleo says:

    This would be awesome hard to workout in jeans and ive been doing pretty well but imagine how much better I could do with good work out wear to show off how my body is shaping up along with making it easier

  3. Michelle C says:

    Being active has always been a big part of my life and my goal is keep it up throughout my pregnancy (I’m 17 weeks) and onwards!!

  4. lisa flamino says:

    my resolution was to live a healthier lifestyle, i had weight loss surgery 4-20-16 and have lost 170 lbs..i have another 15 lbs to go!

  5. Kasey says:

    I love Micheal Pollan’s books, and I also really enjoyed Real Food, Fake Food. I think adding ‘ear real food’ to the manifesto is an important point to make as well

  6. Jennifer Hess says:

    My oldest daughter just had my first grand baby last week. I’m so excited!! I wnt to do everything I can to help and make her and the baby comfortable.

  7. julianne Peebles says:

    Thanks for the motivation. I’m five months pregnant and 33. After my now five year old was born it was so hard to get back to a comfortable body image. This would definitely be life changing incentive!

  8. Brittany Carter says:

    I am a mother of 5 including twins and getting in shape after they were born is one of the hardest things I have done

  9. Shirley Smith says:

    Thank you for all the inspiration. And I’m loving all the helpful idea’s on how to keep on track to get healthy and feel great.

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      That’s the most important part! Losing weight is nice, but it’s all about feeling great and being healthier.

  10. samantha says:

    I am still trying to loose all my baby weight after both of my kiddos, this would be great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Melissa Kors says:

    I love the workout sample. Commercial breaks are great for a quick stretch or cardio. I sometimes dance with my little on.

    • Melissa Kors says:

      Also, I just found out I’m pregnant less than a week ago, so I have to try and continue making smart choices about food and fitness. Plus, I was just 3 pounds away from my pre-prego weight!

  12. Charity Banman says:

    My goal this year is to eat more home cooked healthy meals and to start doing yoga. This prize would definitely help motivate me.

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      I would disagree, AJ. For many women, including myself, having clothing to workout in that fits well at our current size and is flattering is not de-motivating. In fact, looking at things like smaller clothing and withholding it from yourself until you’ve lost the weight can lead you to believe it is unattainable and make it harder to stay motivated to get healthier and fitter.

  13. Judy hunting says:

    My New Years resolution is to finally start losing weight. I got a Fitbit for Christmas and so far I am doing well.. hit 20 000 steps yesterday for the first time

  14. Dorothee Coldiron says:

    I am kind of in a rut with stress and gaining weight. I am guessing it is the winter blues. I am definitely going to be using your stress card and cut out the empty calories.

  15. Hillary Fernandez says:

    I am a first time mommy and I sure do love my little boy!!!! I love that my husband and I made that precious boy together!

    What I don’t love is feeling like I’ve lost myself alittle in the motherhood. Rhys was a preemie and in the NICU for weeks, then I got him home and I knew something wasn’t right but everyone told me that’s normal- babies spit up- get used to it “Mom”. Well, they were wrong and I knew it- he went back into the hospital for surgery a week after having him home from NICU. It’s been crazy, it’s been heart wrenching but it’s also be perfectly amazing. But, in the craziness of all post-birth issues, I neglected myself.

    I needed to hear these simple hacks to get back to myself. To feel like I am doing something for my health and longevity, instead of letting that slip away while focusing on him. It’s important for me to implement healthy lifestyle so that he can see that and be a part of it too!

    Thanks for giving me some quick actirivites, some needed info and a great boost of confidence!!!

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story, and I’m so glad you trusted your Momma instincts!

      It’s so easy to loose ourselves as women, especially in those early months. I do little things now to feel like myself again. A trip for new lipstick, a haircut, a shopping excursion alone, and even an hour to read completely uninterrupted. Those things help me connect with myself. Kudos to you for working on you, too!

  16. nicole says:

    I’m currently pregnant and I’ve been exercising and trying to eat as healthy as I can. Sometimes I find comfort in junk food but I try to not let it bother me. You only live once!

  17. Angelica says:

    Love the tips and the killer giveaway! I’ve been on the autoimmune protocol (basically a stricter offshoot of paleo) for over two years now and while it helped significantly to keep me from gaining extra weight while pregnant, the pounds have been melting off since I gave birth in November. I’m actually below my pre-pregnancy weight already! Keeping your plate 75% veggies is the best thing ever, I love Michael Pollan’s Rule of 3!

  18. Anita D. says:

    I had my first baby 7 months ago and I still have about 5 pounds to loose. I did not loose any weight in the first 4 months but after that the weight slowly started to come off. I feel like these last few pounds will take some work and look forward to implementing these 3 easy rules. Thanks.

  19. Patricia Hoffmeister says:

    I’m taking care of my disabled husband of 59 years while having pneumonia. I would love to win this for my Church’s unwed mother’s Program.

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      I totally understand! Pregnancy is hard on the body. I’m right there with you trying to get back to me. You got this!

  20. Michelle Fiorelli says:

    Exercise really does help give me time to myself, however I can fit it in my day. It helps me have better focus and organized.

  21. lifebykathleen says:

    I found it really helpful to do my pelvic floor exercises after a feed, much easier to remember & it became a habit

  22. Ruth McIver says:

    I am guilty as charged also when it comes to drinking empty calories. I may not eat a lot but the sugar from sodas and other coffee drinks make up a big part of my diet. I have to make a more conscious effort to grab fruit or water instead.

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      Oh, I feel you! I’ve found keeping cans of V8 juice is also helpful for me when I want to reach in for a cold can of something.

  23. Anna Pry says:

    Mom of 5 and have lost most the weight after each, working on the weight from my latest addition with 25lb to go and trying to do it with clean healthy foods

  24. Linda says:

    I find that cutting the empty calories is the hardest step for me post-delivery as I had a very strict diet during my pregnancy.

  25. Perlita Mata says:

    Thanks for the tips on dealing with weight loss after having a baby. I never really even thought that a Starbucks coffee had three cans of sugar of coke cans! That is just blowing my mind! Thank you for showing us that it is possible to keep weight off and for telling us how to do it right!

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      I know, right?! I mean, I knew they weren’t good for you, but I had no idea that it was worse than my Cokes. I’ve always assumed that was the worst I could drink.

  26. Bianca Munoz says:

    Great giveaway! I started this year out very enthusiastic about getting healthier and in shape. Then everyone got sick and I slacked off. It’s been hard to jump back in!

  27. Manida Pena says:

    I love that you can spread the exercise throughout the day into manageable chunks instead of trying to squeeze in a full hour. I felt like I had no time before, but when I really take a look at my day, there are so many opportunities. I have also seen workouts that can be done in the car using isometrics! As a mom, I’ve struggled to find the time to work out- there’s always so much to get done-
    but incorporating the baby into the workout (like with a jogging stroller) is such a helpful idea!

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      Yes! Even finding time to do 20 minutes all together feels overwhelming. I like breaking it into manageable chunks. As long as I’m getting my heartrate up, that’s a win!

  28. Tee Forever says:

    Girl! I’m living this! I agree with every word in this blog.

    I have a 7 month old and after having her I was eating mostly plant based, breastfeeding, working out, etc and my body felt great. After a while I started snacking on junk and slowly increased my junk in take and I lost the momentum I had started. I’m 7 months out and have a small pouch that I’m determined to lose by this spring! I’m returning to everything you listed here. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tiffany | Mom Goes Mental says:

      Congratulations!! You must be so excited for your new little one <3 Wishing you all the best!

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