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Taking a Step Back: Is Separation Good for Marriage?

Taking a Step Back - Separation or Divorce - Brave Little Mom - Blog for Moms

The past two days have been the hardest I’ve had to face in a very long time. They have me taking a step back and wondering, “Is separation good for marriage?” Because right now it’s looking like separation is a good idea. Emotionally, I swing wildly from regret and doubt to acceptance and relief. I […]

What have I done?

Tonight, I sit in my bed, nursing my 8 week old baby, knowing that I am completely alone. I feel so many emotions in such rapid succession that I can barely adjust to one before another hits me like a wave and takes me under. Relief. Guilt. Sadness. Fear. Most of all fear. I’m absolutely […]

Touched Out Mom. I just need a minute.

Babies are hard. Babies are really, really hard. Now on baby #3, the crying and sleeplessness haven’t really been so bad. I suppose I’m nearly immune to crying and whining at this point, and I haven’t slept in 5 years anyway. Nope, crying and lack of sleep isn’t what has really been hard for me […]

Quick and Easy Tips to Use a Therapy Journal

Therapy Journal Tips

Journaling has been an integral part of my therapy since I was a teenager. My earliest therapy journal was a simple empty school notebook that I wrote and drew in during class when I couldn’t see the whiteboard through the cloud of my feelings. As I got older, I used them to jot down notes […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Mentally Ill Spouse

5 Signs You Might Need to Leave Your Spouse

Marriage alone is difficult. It takes hard work and a daily commitment to walk together in rain or shine. Jobs, mortgages, children, money, they all only add to the load, but being in a relationship with someone who suffers from a mental illness, like Bipolar Disorder, makes it even harder. So, what happens when that […]

What I Mean When I Say, “I Don’t Feel Good”

What is it like to be a bipolar mom?

Compared to me, my husband is a fledgling chick born only recently to living with a diagnosed mental illness. He’s spent a fraction of the time I have learning about his disease, trying medications, and experimenting with various coping skills. I’ve been doing this for years, well over a decade now. As a teenager I […]