The Little Thing I Want My Daughters to Know

Tracking PixelI’m thrilled to partner with Hefty® to celebrate strong moms!

Mother’s Day is almost surreal for me. Every year is boggles my mind that I’m a mom—that I was strong enough to make it through another year. Because trust me, sometimes it’s hard to be strong every single day.

Strength is something I hope my daughters see in me the way I saw it in my own mom, though I don’t think I really appreciated it until I was a mom myself.

When Hefty® partnered with me for their Ultra Strong Like My Mom Campaign, I instantly thought of my own mom. When I was little, I remember seeing how strong she was. She put herself through college with two small children at home. She worked full-time through a hard marriage and a brutal divorce, and she spent years as a single mom raising three kids.

Strong Like Mom! - The things I want my daughters to know about strength and motherhood.

I mean, being a mom to us was definitely insanity, and she was the kind of mom who’d do anything for her kids. You know that Hefty® commercial where John Cena’s mom, Carol Cena, demonstrates how strong moms are by totally jumping the guy in the grocery store? Yeah, that kind of “anything for her kids.”

Despite all of it, she never gave up, never threw in the towel, and she was absolutely adamant about the little things. Family movie night was important, family dinners were mandatory (even if it was out of a box), and she always had time for a back scratch or a bedtime book.

That’s the kind of strength I took for granted.

It’s one thing to say the little things are important and another to do it. Now that I’m a mom, I realize just how big those little things were. I know how hard it is to scratch three babies’ backs in bed when all you want to do is collapse into your own. I know how much strength it takes to read one more story or sit down for breakfast together after a twelve-hour night shift. I know how hard it is to watch your child’s heart break because the world can be hard and know there isn’t anything you can do to shield them from it.

It’s kind of like the strength of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags, the kinds of trash bags that stand up to two parents alternately shoving down the trash until one of them finally caves and takes it out. Because that’s literally marriage in a nutshell.

They also have ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer to stand up to all that stinky trash a family makes, and a break-resistant drawstring that can stand the weight of any messy situation.

Strong Like Mom! - The things I want my daughters to know about strength and motherhood.

As a mom to now three daughters, I really do hope they see strength in me the way I saw it in my mom. I hope they celebrate that strength the way I do… not to mention pick up my mad ultra-savings skills—I mean, have you seen the great price on Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags? ‘Nuff said.

Strong Like Mom! - The things I want my daughters to know about strength and motherhood.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to me, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the ultra-strong moms out there making it through another year with a smile on their faces and little footprints on their hearts. We made it out alive!

Now go enjoy your breakfast in bed, day without diaper changes, pedicure, and handmade cards. You deserve it!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty®.

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  1. New Mom at 40 says:

    Love strong moms! This post can’t be truer on the trash piling up and someone finally giving in and taking it out. And hefty trash bags really are the best to handle a lot of trash.

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