Use Tailwind to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Views


When I first started blogging, I had no idea that Pinterest was one of the best traffic sources for bloggers or that you could use Tailwind to grow your blog. In my head, Pinterest had always been an idea board, a place where inspiration and DIY were buddies. With a pushpin logo, I thought of it as a virtual cork board for all the things I loved.

What I didn’t realize was that Pinterest is so much more. It’s literally a visual search engine.

Unlike search engines, though, you have way more influence over the results. Here’s where Tailwind comes into the picture, because I use Tailwind to grow my Pinterest views to over 1 million monthly views from just a few hundred monthly views. And I did it in less than 2 months!

Here is how to use Tailwind to grow your own blog, step by step, based on exactly what I did.

I Organized My Boards

Although most people will never see the pins or boards view of your profile, optimize it for the visitors who will. Edit your headline and description to show who you are and what makes you unique. Embrace the thing that makes you stand out. I’m awkward and kinda funny sometimes, so I run with that.

Next, think about what types of things your audience is searching for on Pinterest. Create boards for those things and only those things. My audience consists of moms of young children, so I don’t have a fashion board specifically. They’re simply not going to be searching for trendy outfit ideas.

Instead, I have boards for kids education, mom things, crafts, home, and DIY.

You can check out what my profile looks like here. Feel free to use it for inspiration. It actually converts surprisingly well, if I do say so myself.

How I Increased My Pinterest Views

I Signed Up For Tailwind

Use Tailwind to Increase Your Pinterest ViewsTailwind allows you to sign up free to begin, and I took advantage of that offer. You have 100 free pins to start, so I poked around the dashboard, followed the in-app tutorial, and scheduled a few pins. 2 days later my blog traffic had begun to spike, and I immediately upgraded to the paid plan. 

Honestly, I’d recommend just starting off with the paid plan. If you’re serious about growing your blog, and you want to use Pinterest as a way to increase your traffic, then you’ll end up upgrading anyway. It’s absolutely life changing, and it fits nicely into a shoe-string budget.

>> Sign up now to get started!

I Joined Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are Facebook groups of influencers looking to support other influencers. By sharing each other’s posts, tweets, and pins, you utilize the audience of the entire network of bloggers, and everyone benefits. I can certainly see a spike in website activity on the days when I’m actively completing share threads, but overall, 90% of my website traffic now is not related to engagement groups.

That’s how much they’ve helped me grow and reach new moms who really care about what I have to say!

Tailwind also makes this super easy with their built-in engagement group feature: Tailwind Tribes! These are groups of influencers totally killing it on Pinterest.

Get a free month of Tailwind Plus when you join the #ManagingMommies Tribe now!

I Pinned All the Things

Once I was successfully signed up and ready to use Tailwind to grow my Pinterest (also hopefully, in turn my blog) and a member of blogging engagement groups, I created a pinning schedule in Tailwind. Now, Tailwind automatically analyzes your Pinterest account and inputs time slot suggestions. Scheduled pins fill these time slots.

Just remember that if you’re pinning one image to multiple boards, each image/board combination takes up 1 slot.

I pin a rotating schedule of new and old content from my blog. Although you can definitely schedule any content to be pinned or re-pinned using Tailwind, I only use it for my own content. This is so I can keep track of what posts and pins I’m sharing and to where.

Use the Shuffle Queue Option

Tailwind Shuffle QueueProbably my favorite little feature, the shuffle queue button sits on top of your scheduled pin section on the right, and it allows you to shuffle the pins into random time slots. When clicked, any unlocked pin is rearranged on your pinning schedule. It’s image, caption, and the board it’s pinned to stay the same. The only change is to it’s scheduled time.

You can also prevent some images from being shuffled by locking them. To lock a pin, hover over it with your mouse and click on the padlock icon that appears.

I do a lot of pinning to multiple boards, and while I want to use Tailwind to grow, I also know I have to resonate with human viewers, too. Without this option, it would look like I was adding the same pin 6 times or more in a row. Using the shuffle queue option turns the order of my pins from repetitive to curated in a single click.

Tailwind Shuffle Queue

My Weekly Schedule

I publish new blog posts 2-3x per week. I always have new posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I’ll sometimes post on Fridays, as well, especially if I’m working with a sponsor that week. With that posting schedule on my blog, I also wanted a posting schedule for my Pinterest. The goal is just to help me stay organized as I rotate my content around, and I stick pretty close to this most days.

  • Monday– pin daily blog post, pin affiliate product pins
  • Tuesday– re-pin Monday blog post, pin business and blogging pins, pin from main page
  • Wednesday– pin daily blog post; pin affiliate product pins
  • Thursday– create new affiliate product pins and pin them, re-pin older blog content, pin from main page
  • Friday– pin affiliate product pins, pin business and blogging pins
  • Sat&Sun– re-pin older blog content, pin from main page

With the exception of pins from the main Pinterest page and engagement groups, all of my pins are scheduled using Tailwind. Not only does Tailwind analyze my account and tell me when the best times to pin are, but it allows me to be active on Pinterest no matter what time my audience is pinning. All without being stuck to my phone or computer screen for hours a day.

I also love the weekly breakdown email I get showing me the latest stats from my account. If I’ve joined a new group board on Pinterest or changed some other strategy, it’s nice to get an email telling me what kind of impact that had.

Next on my list of things in Tailwind to try is Tailwind Tribes. These are like Facebook engagement groups but within Tailwind, and I’m super excited to test them out. Maybe they’ll take me from 1 million monthly views to 2 million!

Ready to sign up for Tailwind, too? Of course, you are! Click here to get started for free.