Want-Need-Wear-Read Gifts? I’m Totally Here For It

A few years ago, the “want-need-wear-read” gift trend reached my ears, but I immediately disregarded it as one of those “cool but not going to happen in my household” trends.

It wasn’t that I was against the idea of limiting Christmas gifts.

I really just didn’t want a formulaic Christmas for my kids.

Then Miss Madelyn was born, bringing my child count up to 4, but my Christmas gift budget has inconveniently not increased.

How rude, right?!

Also, I’m more aware now of how gifting can better fall in line with my own parenting philosophies, and I’m definitely aware of some of the societal reasons that more minimal gifting is better.

So, these are my top picks for gifts bundles if you’re looking for “want, need, wear, read” or “want, need, wear, read” Christmas gift ideas.

You’ll notice that some of these gifts skew feminine because I do have 4 girls who are fairly feminine. If you’ve got a boy who loves it, let him. If not, feel free to substitute away!

Last Minute Gifts for Infants

Last Minute Gifts for Toddlers

Last Minute Gifts for Kids

Last Minute Gifts for Tweens

While want-need-wear-read gifts are happening from mom and dad (yes, despite our divorce, our presents will still come from mom and dad together), Santa will still bring a special gift and fill the stockings.

Some easy stocking stuffer ideas I love this year are:

  • The essentials: deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, chapstick, pacifiers
  • LOL Surprise Dolls
  • Holiday candy
  • Crayons, watercolor paint, washable markers
  • Miniature activity books
  • Polly pocket
  • Miniature lego sets
  • Necklaces and other small jewelry

I try to make sure all the essentials get covered, and then I add candy and a few toys to each stocking.

What is your gifting strategy this year? Are you doing want-need-wear-read gifts?

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