What to Expect During Mom and Baby’s First Week

newborn baby with diaper and headband on crying

Even after four births, the first week of motherhood still feels like a blur each time I go through it. Despite the blur or maybe in spite of it, I’ve found that knowing what to expect and being able to plan for it in advance is key to a happy and stress-free first week for mom and baby.

Quick note before I dive in… I’m not going to go into much detail about the doctor and pediatric visits you’ll be expected to get to, since those vary greatly by location and provider. Instead, here I’m focus more on the home, wellness, and baby tips that can make the difference between happy and stressful.

Postpartum Week One

The first week of postpartum healing is typically all about rest for me.

In those first few days, you’ll be transitioning from the hospital to your home in most cases. If at all possible, having a support system in place is absolutely essential.